Ghost digest emails?

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I just received three subscription digest emails that seem to have come from the past. For example, one included this fragment:

But when I follow the link from the email the article date is much older:

Did the DC software have a glitch?

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I got a couple more of these over the weekend, despite having checked and altered my settings per your other post:

Hi, John!

I see you have digest mode turned on. Please turn it off to get reasonable notifications.

Regarding your question - I bring my apologies. This checkbox will influence only the new future subscriptions (as it documented in this settings section).

So if you were subscribed to the post you have this setting already and it cannot be unchecked or unsubscribe and subscribe again.

Maybe it's not a bad idea to turn off this "notifications on updates" setting for all the current subscriptions for all the users.

And you was notified, cause I changed the type of the post from "Unknown" to "Question".