Evgeny Shvarov · Oct 19, 2018 1m read
How to Insert an Image into a Post


You can insert an image in a post with via three ways:

1. Upload it from disk

Drag-n-drop image from your disk to a post and adjust the width after that.

2. Copy and paste from clipboard

Copy the image to a clipboard (Ctrl+C) e.g. from another web page or from any text editor and paste it into the post.

See how it works:

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Kurro Lopez · Sep 5, 2018 1m read
Remove comment/answer

Hi community,

This is an idea to improve the community. Add a button to remove a comment/answer in a post. There is not a way to remove a comment, only I can edit. For example, duplicated comment, an answer that it was for a post but I've written in other one. etc...

Best regards,

Francisco López

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Hi, Community!

I’m sure you are using Developer Community analytics built with InterSystems Analytics technology DeepSee:

You can find DC analytics n InterSystems->Analytics menu.

DC Analytics shows interactive dashboards on key figures of DC entities: Posts, Comments, and Members. 

Since the last week, this analytics project is available for everyone with source code and data on DC Github!

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Here in Community I use the WYSIWYG Text format control to answer questions and other quick text entries.

But for longer posts when I want formatting or if I am building incrementally over several days I use the Plain text (supports markdown) control because it's quicker and easier to post an article I have written offline. In this post I share my workflow and a set of tools to publish long read posts.

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When posts are displayed on the DC homepage they only show the first part of each post. This part is known as the teaser, or the trimmed version. The DC software does its best, but without being given any hint by you it can sometimes produce teasers that are of limited value, e.g. "Hi!"

When composing your post, the Preview button lets you see what the teaser will look like. For example, here's the preview of an initial version of this post:

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When I'm searching across the community I find lots of interesting questions sometimes with
excellent answers and suggestions. Quite often It's more than one solution.
Then I'm mostly missing an indication which solution worked or that nothing worked at all or the case was dropped.

I understand a community as partners working together, sharing experience and knowledge.
Many participants seem to have the same understanding and share their results.

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Mike Kadow · Jun 26, 2017 1m read
Listing type of output

Here is an idea that would make the Developer Community immensely more valuable (to me anyway)

Have the capability of getting Listing output from searches or tags or groups.

In addition, have people put titles on their answers and comments,

And having a detailed list with all the answers and comments if needed

Then being able to sort the list by date or other criteria.

Something like:

Sub1 . . . .

-answer . . .

-comment . .

-answer . . .

Subject2 . . .

-answer . . .

Subject 3 . . .

-comments . . . 

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The top of my Answers tab looks like this:

To get to the question, first I have to click on the "Answer:" text (which only gets the appearance of a hyperlink when I mouse over it).

That click takes me here:


I now need to click on "Back to question page" in order to get where I want to be.

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Evgeny Shvarov · May 16, 2017 1m read
Post Duplicates

Hi, Community!

We are having some troubles with post duplicates at the moment, we are working on it.

Now when you post your message it waits until timeout and shows 404  but also publishes the article. 

Hope this would be fixed ASAP.

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It's good to see growing participation in DC. However, sometimes I think that responses posted as Answers to Questions would be better classified as Comments. For example, the respondent could be seeking clarification about the original question (e.g. "What Caché version are you using?"), or perhaps following up someone else's answer or comment.

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From time to time someone adds the "Developer Community" tag to a post that's actually about something else. I wonder if by renaming the tag to "Developer Community Feedback" this wouldn't happen so much. After all, the group is called "Developer Community Feedback". If folk feel the proposed new name for the tag is too long, how about "DC Feedback"?

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Hi, Community!

We are fixing groups, tags and message types for the several last year's postings.

So that's why you are getting "strange" notifications now with no any new comment.

As a result, you'll get better tagging and for the DC articles and questions.

Anyway, you can turn off the "OnUpdate" notifications as it is described here.



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Today DC supports the notifications for the posts' updates. It means if someone changes the post text, title, group or tag you can be notified about that.

But this notifications just inform that there were updates, but do not show what exactly was changed in the post.

So through this, you can get the notifications for the posts from previous years without any reason what's happened.

I would suggest to turn off this types of notifications until we'll implement the details in notifications, what exactly was changed in the post and why did you get it. 

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