I was trying to find an article today that I knew had been posted about Wireshark installations causing problems with Studio and other Caché components. If I search the community for 'Wireshark install', the article I'm looking for does not even show up. I found it eventually in the text of one of the Digest post, but this is the article:


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Using Chrome on my Android mobile I can't seem to get to a specific submenu option. For example in the screenshot below I use the menu button to bring up the first-level menu. Then I tap on "COMMUNITY". The second-level menu appears briefly, but doesn't give me time to tap the entry I want ("FEEDBACK") before it decides to take me to the page headed "Connect with Members".

Am I missing a trick, or is this a bug?

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It would be nice if there were a permalink displayed for each comment. That way I could bookmark or send a link to a specific comment. I can see links to my own comments in the My Account page, but I don't see any way to get permalinks for other people's comments.

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Early on in my use of DC I think I marked a couple of things as favorites. On the right-hand side of the DC listings I have this:

The first entry links to a post by Bill McCormick. The second links to the Field Tests group.

Is there a way for me to remove these entries? Or are they a remnant of some DC feature that has been superseded?

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Suppose I find a post that seems really useful, and that I expect to want to return to in the future. I click on the star to favorite it (giving the author some kudos). But later there's a lot of commenting on it that I don't care about. Can I keep it as a favorite but unsubscribe from updates? Or should I resort to browser bookmarking?

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After the March 15th DC update I posted one Question (as opposed to Article). I've been used to getting notified by email no more than an hour after someone responds to a post of mine. In the case of my question, I think I only got that email when someone posted a Comment on the question. When I went to read that comment I saw that there were several Answers that had been posted many hours earlier.

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As well as participating in DC I continue to monitor the Google Group at https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/intersystems-public-cache

Since yesterday the Google Group has started receiving postings from a user called intersystems.dc. These postings look like they're trying to replicate DC postings, though images don't appear. Nor are there any links leading across to DC, which is where the follow-up comments and answers are likely to appear.

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Typically the thumbsup/thumbsdown icons are grayed out until you vote for one.  Then it is either red or green depending on which you selected.  I like this behavior.  However, on my own posts, the ones I cannot vote for, the indicators are both colored.  Since the visual queue has already been established that this indicates a selected vote, I think this should be changed.  Perhaps, since we cannot vote on our own posts, completely hide them.

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I know this has been suggested before but I wanted to bring it up again.

It would be very nice if we could "accept" an answer to our questions which would result in the question showing "answered" in the index and possibly move the "accepted answer" to the top of the answer chain.

see: Stack Overflow or any other QA site

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Scott Roth · May 9, 2016
Production Monitor

At the Global Summit several folks had mention that they developed their own production monitor. I am looking to create a monitor similar to eGate that we only display those Services/Processes/Operations that are in trouble, and those Errors that are showing up in the Event Log. Does anyone have any examples of this?


Scott Roth

The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center

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