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Hi Team,

               Our community is most useful for my learning. I have one concern.We need to add a chat box for discuss and interact with other developer in our community . It is most useful for maintaining the team relationship and sometime we get guidance from anyone on directly. I known already we have the chat box in global master(that chatbox just we send greetingsrelated messages only). This same one is need for our community also(All are reading articals and question on our community page).So I am asking chat box on our community page also.

Thanks & Regards,

Ponnumani Gurusamy. 

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Hello community!

At the global summit in Phoenix, we (Lite Solutions) will be presenting a tool performing static code analysis on ObjectScript source files. You can see it in action at this URL:


Technically, the tool is a language plugin over SonarQube (http://sonarqube.org) and consists of three main parts:

  • parsing the language,
  • collecting metrics,
  • collecting issues.

The third point is where we kindly request for feedback.

Explanation: issues are the result of rules being triggered by inspecting the source files. But while we do have some experience with the language, this experience is too "fresh" for us to accurately estimate the severity/time to fix of such issues. The list of rules, along with their severity and time to fix can be found here

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Hi Evgeny/Anastasia

I spent some time just clicking around and found the old google groups discussion groups
These are clearly dated and the place is here

However it's not clear to users that they should post here rather than on the google groups

Mai I suggest that a big banner link is added to re-direct the user to ask their question here rather than there


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Is is possible to reorder the comments so we see new comments at the top? At the moment its very hard to find a new comments since the order of the comments is always from oldest to newest, if you comment on the first comment then your comment will be at the top while making a new comment on the post will be at the bottom. Also marking new posts with a different background color or highlighting them would be convenient.

This would be very handy for posts that are getting more comments than can fit on one page or just posts with more comments in general.


Thank you

Last comment 19 December 2017
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A lot of tools in InterSystems products are designed to help facilitate high availability solutions (Mirroring and ECP come to mind readily). Since a lot of concerns about these technologies are in a similar thread regarding High Availability, I believe it might be worthwhile to create a High Availability Group within the Developer's Community.

What thoughts do people have on the addition of such a group?

Last comment 24 October 2017
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When starting a post, especially for the beginner there are a lot of buttons, check marks, icons etc. On some of them when you hover you get a very brief descriptions. In reading through some of the responses to the Developer Community Feedback there is a lot of good information.

Could one of the moderators, who know all the tricks put together a one or two page "cheat sheet?" or beginner guide?

This "Cheat Sheet" would be of great help!

I get the impression that there is a great push to encourage others to use the Developers Community.

But maybe many try and become frustrated and quit before they really give it a chance. I see myself in this group.

To those, a "Cheat Sheet" will be of great value.

A link to this should be prominently displayed.

Last comment 10 October 2017
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I am confused about the meaning of "rating".

Is it how good the post is?

I did a search on "Rating" and got a lot of hits, but none seems to answer my question, either that or I missed it.

It would be nice to have some basic documentation on questions like these.

I don't mean to be difficult and maybe I don't understand, but what is the reason for having a rating?

Last answer 6 October 2017
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Hello all.

I think the forum experience is great as whole, but it could improve even more if we had somewhere to share our ideas. So that's why I'm creating a thread dedicated for that purpose. Maybe this way someone from InterSystems could catch something good?

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I was trying to find an article today that I knew had been posted about Wireshark installations causing problems with Studio and other Caché components. If I search the community for 'Wireshark install', the article I'm looking for does not even show up. I found it eventually in the text of one of the Digest post, but this is the article:


How could that possible not show up for a search for 'Wireshark install'? I've had similar issues looking for other posts, but similarly found them in a Digest post and just didn't bother reporting it. Have others had similar problems? Can anything be done about this?

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I know this has been requested before, but it's really annoying, especially in the Developer Community.

Here is my typical workflow:


1. Click "Developer Community" forum

2. Click "Post question".

3. Select "Developer Community" in Group dropdown.

4. Select "Developer Community" in Related Topic dropdown.


Yes, 3 out of 4 steps to post a new question here require me to select the same thing.  It's frustrating.  Here I go again!

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suggestions to try to make the searching of the community better, more relevent

I've been searching within the community for an article about troubleshoting SQL's working out how efficient they are, and how to look inside the system for other SLQ's that we used but may be inefficient,  (still haven't found it, and getting frustrated)

In this instance, after many guesses, I tried

sql "how to" analyze plan tutorial efficiency inefficient troubleshooting highest

I know I've seen the article about this very subject, but it's getting darned hard to find things in the community.

I'm guessing what to search for I know an article exists, and its not a question.

so what about some better filtering of results.

based upon some of  google's search tools, what abou

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