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Other answers are good. I'll also add, if you're running from Terminal, you can go to File > Logging... and have all the output logged to a file. (This works for other things that produce output too, not just CompileAll.)

Fun fact, you can also order by the column by number.

In this case:

select top 5 Description,Category,* from Cinema.Film order by 2

I don't think it's totally stupid. We're looking at doing something similar with another technology (JReport).

Here's a code sample to help you get started - just change the port / page / filters / permission checks appropriately.

This sounds like it could be an issue with caching (at the browser level rather than at the CSPGateway level, given that the page loads just fine in a different browser). Perhaps try clearing the cache in the Android browser then reloading the page?

"Why?" (a good question) and "Don't do that!" aside, here's a technical answer: override %OnDetermineClass to allow instances of the parent class to be treated as the subclass in question. For example:

The %System/%System/RoutineChange audit event is the only thing other than a source control hook that comes to mind. That's handy for detecting source code changes after the fact (when a class is compiled), but not intercepting attempts to change source code via an editor. What's your specific use case?

After further review, I'm really not sure why the first/second queries don't use the index. The problem with the last query is that %Key is the index in the list, not anything about Tag itself.

Here's a solution that performs well in my testing: