John Murray · Feb 14, 2017

DC postings now autofeeding the Google Group - what's the idea?

As well as participating in DC I continue to monitor the Google Group at!forum/intersystems-public-cache

Since yesterday the Google Group has started receiving postings from a user called intersystems.dc. These postings look like they're trying to replicate DC postings, though images don't appear. Nor are there any links leading across to DC, which is where the follow-up comments and answers are likely to appear.

Is this feed something that the DC software is now doing? Or is it some independent person's initiative?

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Hi, John!

This group is not managed by InterSystems.

As I see, the guys erase links from the posts' body, which is not very fair.

And also I see we should fix RSS feed a bit too)

So far I've not had any success in engaging with whoever controls that group. My message using the "Contact owner" link from the group's About page has produced no response. The last few times I've started a new post to the group I've been told it'll have to go through moderation. Then silence.