· Jun 29, 2016

Is there a way of telling if a poster is a member of ISC staff?

If there isn't yet, maybe consider a DC enhancement to add an adornment to their name or photo to indicate this.

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I don't need it, but my experience is that InterSystems consistently maintains a very high standard of technical and professional competence among its staff, so knowing that the author of a post or a response is a member of ISC staff may be useful to readers.

Additionally, an ISC person may find it helpful in the event that someone whose name they do not recognize as being a colleague posts something that might benefit from follow-up through internal channels.

Think of it as equivalent to the way in which Global Summit badges usually give a discreet indication that the wearer is a company employee.

Thank you John, some of your points here really make sense. We'll think about it.

You can be sure, that all posts in InterSystems Data Platform Blog  were reviewed by InterSystems engineers team and are promoted by InterSystems product managers.

Speaking about the high standard of technical and professional competence of engineers here in the community, I think votes, views and comments for the posts and answers can indicate the competence. I'm quite sure that there are a lot of engineers in InterSystems Developer Community (DC) who has high competence in InterSystems technology.

We have plans to introduce some signs/badges here on DC, which will indicate competence in different parts of InterSystems technology and products upon their contribution to Developer Community.