A few weird things with custom login pages:

CSPSystem needs read permission on the DB containing them. (You'll need to close CSPGateway connections after making this change so that it can reconnect with the right privileges.)

It's specified with the ".cls" extension in the web application configuration, not just the classname.

In my experience, code coverage measurement is useful even in development. It helps identify areas that are untested as you're writing tests.

Hi Robert,

Access rights are part of my concern. You can connect using an SSL/TLS configuration without having read permission on %DB_CACHESYS (or the IRIS equivalent).

Generally speaking, I'd design this as a relationship to a set of "roles" that can be added or removed. (What if the person ceases to be a Doctor?) Methods of the person would dispatch to the roles.

My top place by day was 242 on day 8 (that was the only day that I actually did the puzzle at midnight though - I'm not at all a night owl).

My three wishes for ObjectScript would be:

  1. A greater variety of high-performance data structures with low-level support (rather than shoehorning everything into a local array/PPG/$ListBuild list to keep it wicked fast, or building more expensive objects that do exactly what I want)
  2. Libraries for working with those (and existing) data structures (or, better yet, an OO approach to everything, similar to %Library.DynamicArray/%Library.DynamicObject)
  3. Functional programming capabilities

Thanks for pointing that out, but it's not really ideal for my use case, since it's not a % class and explicitly documented "Only to be used in the context of DataCheck." I think I'd also like to permit extended global references, which my original approach does.

With a dynaForm, this would look like:

Class DC.Demo.ZenLocalizationModel Extends %ZEN.DataModel.ObjectDataModel

Property Descrição As %String(ZENATTRS = "requiredMessage:obrigatório.") [ Required ];



Class DC.Demo.ZenLocalization Extends %ZEN.Component.page

XData Contents [ XMLNamespace = "http://www.intersystems.com/zen" ]
<page xmlns="http://www.intersystems.com/zen">
<dataController id="myController" modelClass="DC.Demo.ZenLocalizationModel" />
<dynaForm controllerId="myController" injectControls="before">
<submit caption="Enviar" />


For more information on how to customize data model behavior with property parameters, see the class reference for %ZEN.DataModel.objectModelParameters.