· Nov 15, 2017

suggestion for the responses to the search button.

I searched fror "documenting classes" from the search button with no filtering. it naturally came back with 559 responses, but to me, the responses (and therefore the search)  came without context.

for instance,  one of the texts came back with:



In first you should define ODBC DSN in your operation system, to your Oracle DB.  Then you can look at this page in the documentation and class %SQLGatewayConnection Vote up! Vote down! Rating: 0 ...   Please correct me if i'm Permalink Submitted by Rajath Muthappa on Fri, 11/25/2016- 03:16 Please correct me if i'm wrong, Currently i am using the below code to connect to the Oracle Database.  (JDBC Connection) Set conn=##class(%SQLGatewayConnection).%New() Set sc=conn.Connect("Test_Database","Test_user","testuser",300) If $$$ISERR(sc) do $System.Status.DisplayError(sc) quit When run the application i get the below pop up\ A JavaScript  exception  was ...


Answer by Dmitry Maslennikov 10 November 2016


Can you put the text of the original question (in this case it was  DB access from CSP page without creating link table  ) above the word "ANSWER", this would then put the actual search response totally into context, without that part of the equation, we are left to guess what the question was, and whether the chunk of text is relevent, the only way to find the relevency is of course to open up the text..



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