GZIP format itself does not support files, it's just a compress, usually it can be used with TAR format, which helps to merge multiple files, which can be compressed by GZIP

Look at my project isc-tar, which implements an internal way of creating cross-platform archives without calling external archivers.


In your log I see

 03/09/24-21:16:24:072 (430) 3 [Generic.Event] Process 430 (JobType=WRTDMN,Dumpstyle=0,Directory='/usr/iriss
ys/mgr/') caught signal 4.

caught signal 4. Googled, what this signal mean

4SIGILL Illegal instruction. The program contained some machine code the CPU can't understand.

i5-3470  quite an old CPU, from 2012, looks like it's not supported already

The best and most correct solution would be to use parameters in SQL and pass a value as a parameter


While you have Oracle somewhere behind, Oracle should support parameters as well, but I don't know how it will work in this case

The increase may appear due to passing this query to the next database, and it escaped again. Passing as parameters may solve this issue.

But still even without this apostrophe the string is too long

There were multiple ways to build applications back then

  • Using globals to store data, no this way can be called NoSQL, this case will require additional work on the server side
  • and using persistent classes, which can be accessed via SQL

So, depends on how old this application is, and it has not updated for a long time

If you already know for certain, that the data you need can be accessed through SQL, then it's possible to make Flink working