You already using concatenation, it, means, that you lost leading zero, somewhere before. You may have some arithmetic operations with your parameters, which will case to lose those zeros.

You can use any newest version of Studio with older versions of Caché. Or you can even use Studio for IRIS, which now you can download and install separately.

The other way I would recommend is to migrate to VSCode ObjectScript. You can contact me directly so, I can help you with this process.

You just have to enable Ensemble in the installer

  <Namespace Name="${NAMESPACE}" Code="${DBNAME}-CODE" Data="${DBNAME}-DATA" Create="yes" Ensemble="1">

I think it would be good to add screenshot like this, to show how to configure memory limits in macOS. In Windows should be quite similar I think.

LOG^%ETN would be much better, but too heavy and very slow.

But if saying about a debug global, it is suitable only for simple data, not for objects.

Good to hear that you solved it. Unfortunately, development workflow guide is on the way, yet. But I'm going to do it this month.

First of all, any logging related to this extension goes to Output ObjectScript, so, you maybe can find there errors, or compile log.

Actually, it should compile class and notify about success or errors, just after change and save any class/routine.

Import and compile from explorer, good to use when you have changed many files in the sources folder, by Source Control System for example.

You can also trigger compile from command pallete and with a shortcut Cmd +F7/ Cmd + F7

Could you please create a new issue here. I'll try to help to solve it. I don't have AIX system, but not sure if it could be a problem.

If you see something unexpected, you can try to look at Output for ObjectScript and just main Log, maybe some errors there, which may help to diagnose.