Hi Stefan! Usually not. We know, that rules changing doesn’t help.

But sometimes, very rarely, we add bonuses on-the-go. Like this time we believe that this bonus will help to pay attention to ideas, published by community members, and implement solutions, that community requested and voted for. And there is still 10 days to submit the app and one week more to polish it. We believe this bonus will not harm anyone. If it does - we can discuss it.

What a contest!

It'd be great if someone could implement the tool to export Interoperability components into a local folder with every changes saved in the interoperability UI?

Currently git-source-control can do the job, but it is not complete. Some Interoperability components (e.g. business rules) are not being exported. And lookup tables are exported in an not importable format.

I published and idea regarding it.

Never mind. 

Turned out I didn't %Source to %Source data copy in transformation thus there were no filename in the result file.

The only question left - how to manage Headers line in such a production? If possible?

Thank you, Robert!

This could work but for some reason '%f' doesn't work for record mapper:

I'm getting <NOTOPEN> error if it is only the '%f'

and if I use the default setting of FileOperation as '%f_%Q%!+(_a)' I get the file name that starts from '_' symbol and looks like:


Maybe it is the way to update this setting on-the-go somehow? E.g. with a callback?

Indeed, it works! Thank you, Robert!

One issue though: as a result of Operation I have one new file per new message/record in a source file. Any chance to ask Production to put all the same amount records as were in the initial file?

@Robert Barbiaux , this is very cool!

In fact the purpose of what I plan to do is to expose the idea of data-transformation for newcomers in the simplest possible manner. 

I wanted to have every line as a message that contains data that will be transformed via the rule.

I understand that in a real-life interoperability cases one message should be a one file/stream but the purpose is to explain how engine works.