Another idea for the contest: use your iPhone's health app data to transform into FHIR data and submit to the FHIR server. See the details


What a beautiful idea! Thank you!

If these boxes could be clickable and point to documentation/tag would be a nice features table!

Thanks, Robert! Will add a few corrections:

COS stands for Caché ObjectScript. Now the name of language is InterSystems ObjectScript, so Obs is OK

There is no BASIC anymore in IRIS (I think). 

Globals! This is a must.


You are welcome to use iris-fhir-template to build your InterSystems IRIS for Health solutions for the contest. 

The template uses the preview release 2020.3 of InterSystems IRIS for Health

A very helpful repository to generate synthetic FHIR compatible data shared by @Phillip Booth 

E.g. to generate data for 5 patients in an /output subfolder of a current folder call:

docker run --rm -v $PWD/output:/output --name synthea-docker intersystemsdc/irisdemo-base-synthea:version-1.3.4 -p 5

Which you can load then into IRIS for Health with:

zw ##class(HS.FHIRServer.Tools.DataLoader).SubmitResourceFiles("path/output", "FHIRNamespace", "/restapi/endpoint/fhir/r4")

You probably right for a majority of tasks. But how do you manage with AI tasks which NEED to manage thousands of features of entities? And features are properties/fields from data storage perspective.

Anyway, I'm really curious how do you deal with AI/ML tasks in IRIS or Caché.