Just've tried now:

docker run --rm --name iris-demo -d -p 29091:1972 -p 29092:52773   intersystemsdc/iris-community:preview


$ docker exec -it iris-demo iris session iris

Node: c9ef4f36c293, Instance: IRIS

USER>w $zv

IRIS for UNIX (Ubuntu Server LTS for ARM64 Containers) 2024.1 (Build 244U) Tue Feb 20 2024 17:07:18 EST


Hi @Stephen Canzano !

Unit tests are not included into the package when you publish it into repository. So when you install the package on a target machine only "solution" classes will be installed, not unit-tests.

E.g. here is csvgen app. I you check the source code it contains "solution" classes in src folder here and unit-tests in /tests folder.

module XML for csvgen has resources, that will be packaged while published in the IPM registry:

<Resource Name="community.PKG"/>

and the unittests, that are being used only development phase and can be imported to the system via load command:

<UnitTest Name="/tests" Package="community.csvgen.UnitTests" Phase="test"/>

So when you install csvgen package, e.g.:

USER>zpm "install csvgen" 

you'll see only RESOURCES classes installed.