Alex, just published an article, which could help to Dockerise your repo just by introducing a few files - everyone will be able to launch you project with docker. And maybe even collaborate.

Why do you think so?

IRIS running in docker exposes its ports to a host machine and can be accessed used by any other application on a machine, e.g. Excel

Alex, the easiest (for tester) way to test an arbitrary module is to embed (for developer) the module into docker container cause this will work in any case on any machine with Docker installed.

Why not install your staff in a docker container? Check the template.  Another option - make a ZPM module - the template for ZPM module.

Hi Stuart!

No worries, this is often situation.

Register with the new member profile and refer to @Anastasia Dyubaylo e.g. with Direct Message. Anastasia will copy all the content from one of your previous profile to a new one and will deactivate the previous profile when you are satisfied with the setup of a new one.

Hi Mathew!

Nice! Thanks for sharing!

If you have Docker addon installed and use docker-compose files the another option to connect to a local IRIS instance on docker in VSCode is:

1. Run the docker container  (right-click on docker-compose.yml -> restart)

2. Open terminal to a running container and start IRIS session:

$ iris session iris

You can reproduce the approach with this template repo on Open Exchange.