IRIS 2019.2 is available on Docker Hub.

The line for Dockerfile is:

ARG IMAGE=store/intersystems/iris:2019.

You are welcome, Nikita! This was pretty random but must admit that WebTerminal is a really popular app. And looking forward to seeing the commit to make the repo considered as InterSystems ObjectScript application ;)

I'd go with one namespace for one project approach. It's much more manageable in the long term.

Take a look at this video where I show the example of starting new ObjectScript project with Github, VSCode, and Docker, and which has an installer for a new namespace.

Notepad++ is an editor on steroids. So is VSCode, sort of. Why are you surprised?

Good point, John!

Could be a good feature request. But do you want to add an extra option for “Results are hidden until you vote?”

And I think results are visible for everyone when the voting period is over, right?