And the settings of VSCode which does the "instant-coding" effect are:

    "objectscript.conn.version": 3,
    "objectscript.conn.ns": "OSCRIPT",
    "objectscript.conn.port": 52773,
    "": true

The file.

Is it possible to introduce .vscode settings into the repo?

E.g. I want to checkout the repo, docker build, docker run, and then having VSCode connected to server, port and  namespace, which are set in a dockerfile and docker-compose.yml?

And forgot to add, that to open IRIS terminal just call the following:

user$ docker-compose exec iris iris session iris

Would be great to see the paremeters of VSCOde current connection  - what is the server, port, namespace.

Now I see only this:

and would be great to know, what is the namespace