Like the clickable InterSystems Data Platforms tags in the repo:

@Dmitry Maslennikov , could you share, please, the code to be inserted into to introduce it into the repo?

Yes, you cannot change the content of an accepted answer.

we did this intentionally: what is the reason to change the answer, which resolved the question?

New cool update came up with VSCode!

What's new in this version

  • IMPORTANT: Connection disabled by default, now. Set "": true to enable it
  • Automatically Preview XML files as UDL, (disabled by default, setting objectscript.autoPreviewXML)
  • Preview XML As UDL by command from Command Palette and from Context Menu
  • Fixed highlighting for XData with css in style tag
  • Show percent-member in outline
  • Multi-root workspace supported now, for different connections
  • Multi-root workspace also for server explorer
  • Go to definition now goes to real file if such presented, or opens from the server
  • Basic syntax highlighting for CSP files, only as HTML
  • Added some snippets for class
  • Go to Subclass for the current class, available in command palette
  • Go to Super class for the current class, available in command palette
  • Go To any class/method in the workspace including server (by Cmd+T/Ctrl+T)
  • some small fixes in the highlighting, and selecting words/variables
  • Intellisense. Show list of methods for ##class(SomeClass)
  • Go to macros definition
  • Go to definition for methods and properties for self object like ..Name..SomeMethod()
  • Added completion for class parameters
  • Export without storage

Well done, Dmitry!

Thank you, Vitaly! ObjectScript is full of opportunities! With a creative community, of course :)

Hi Sergey! Do not take Community Edition limits into consideration. 

If you don't have limits what is the best strategy with packages/tools development in your opinion?

Yes, you are right.

I guess it is fair for the cases when the tool spawns jobs and does some work as daemons - like services, monitoring, alerting, etc. In this case data stays with XYZ database.

But I agree that we need a public registry of "safe" Class/Global prefixes and names.

We can take some easy and obvious approaches: Github or DNS.

E.g. with the Gihub approach the package name can start with a company.reponame.