Hi John!

Not exactly. For some reason, we don't mention here that we allow editing and improvements during the voting week too. @Anastasia Dyubaylo, don't you know why?
 ALL the previous contests had this option and all the contestants used it this week for improvements, bug-fixing, and advertising.

@Anastasia Dyubaylo, could you please add that everyone is able to improve applications during the voting week too?

Robert, what's is the idea to publish ZPM module "ssh-for-iris-container"? 

I Installed it and it does nothing:

zpm:IRISAPP>install ssh-for-iris-container

[ssh-for-iris-container]        Reload START
[ssh-for-iris-container]        Reload SUCCESS
[ssh-for-iris-container]        Module object refreshed.
[ssh-for-iris-container]        Validate START
[ssh-for-iris-container]        Validate SUCCESS
[ssh-for-iris-container]        Compile START
[ssh-for-iris-container]        Compile SUCCESS
[ssh-for-iris-container]        Activate START
[ssh-for-iris-container]        Configure START
[ssh-for-iris-container]        Configure SUCCESS
[ssh-for-iris-container]        Activate SUCCESS


ssh-for-iris-container 0.0.1 


I mean I'm having this:

Why do you need to restart IRIS in a working docker container? If you need to change something in a container the typical approach is to rebuild the container's image and deploy it again. 

It looks like you are trying to reinvent some approach working with remote servers to containers.

Why not using the best practice for containers and leverage it's power?

What is the idea where you need SSH access and IRIS restarts with containers on a constant basis?

Hi Robert!

What are the possible reasons to add SSH access to the deployed Docker container?

For Docker Desktop cases the access could be reached with:

docker exec


docker-compose exec

This will necessary demand the package name refactoring - Api as a first package is probably too much. dc. or skalese. much better. More here

We'll think about it - it's very different from module deployment.  This is for Application deployment more, but this could be a part of ZPM.

And it looks like that if I want to create a database I need to have two entries:

SYS.Databases and


Here is the minimal config to create IRISAPP namespace with one database IRISAPP in /irisapp folder.

        "DBDIR" : "${MGRDIR}",
        "DBDATA" : "${DBDIR}irisapp/"
        "${DBDATA}" : {}
        "IRISAPP" : {
            "Directory" : "${DBDATA}"
        "IRISAPP": {


I use it in the following way to set up a docker container before loading the ZPM dev module into it.