Reverse sort the the comments by last comment first.

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Is is possible to reorder the comments so we see new comments at the top? At the moment its very hard to find a new comments since the order of the comments is always from oldest to newest, if you comment on the first comment then your comment will be at the top while making a new comment on the post will be at the bottom. Also marking new posts with a different background color or highlighting them would be convenient.

This would be very handy for posts that are getting more comments than can fit on one page or just posts with more comments in general.


Thank you

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Hi, Bert!

Thanks for the suggestion.

What do you say if we manage to show new comments (with color or/and sign) appeared since the last visit?

It could work but for posts with 2 pages it still doesnt really solve the problem cause you have to scroll down to find out there is a 2nd page.