· Oct 6, 2017

Could someone create a Cheat Sheet or Beginners Guide?

When starting a post, especially for the beginner there are a lot of buttons, check marks, icons etc. On some of them when you hover you get a very brief descriptions. In reading through some of the responses to the Developer Community Feedback there is a lot of good information.

Could one of the moderators, who know all the tricks put together a one or two page "cheat sheet?" or beginner guide?

This "Cheat Sheet" would be of great help!

I get the impression that there is a great push to encourage others to use the Developers Community.

But maybe many try and become frustrated and quit before they really give it a chance. I see myself in this group.

To those, a "Cheat Sheet" will be of great value.

A link to this should be prominently displayed.

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