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InterSystems Developer Community September 2023 Digest

Hello and welcome to the September 2023 Developer Community Newsletter.
General Stats
161 new posts published in September:
 35 new articles
 40 new announcements
 78 new questions
 8 new discussions
217 new members joined in September
12,075 posts published all time
10,343 members joined all time
Top posts
Top authors of the month
#InterSystems IRIS
Initializing InterSystems IRIS Docker Image with Python
By Evgeny Shvarov
QuinielaML - Data Preparation and Predictive Model Management.
By Luis Angel Pérez Ramos
Embedded Python Stored Procedure
By Alex Woodhead
InterSystems IRIS Flask Blog application
By Muhammad Waseem
Using Embedded Python in WebTerminal
By Robert Cemper
What to do if you get a MAXSTRING error in JSON conversion of dynamic objects
By Mihoko Iijima
AWS storage. High write IOPS. Compare gp3 and io2.
By Murray Oldfield
Leveraging Doxygen to Create Static Documentation for ObjectScript Classes
By Kari Vatjus-Anttila
How to get all fields of a specified table with SQL
By Mihoko Iijima
The Security Package - Editing Users Programmatically
By David Hockenbroch
By shan yue
Enhanced Password Management: Edit Passwords Seamlessly
By Oleksandr Zaitsev
How to run code at compile time with macros.
By Sylvain Guilbaud
Vectors support, well almost
By Dmitry Maslennikov
InterSystems IRIS Flask Generative AI application
By Muhammad Waseem
IRIS management portal on the Django framework
By Sergey Mikhailenko
IrisApiTester 2.0 new Features
By Daniel Aguilar
Exploring Data Visualization and Machine Learning with Matplotlib and Scikit-learn
By André Dienes Friedrich
New application iris-size-django on OpenExchange
By Heloisa Paiva
Description of each timeout value that can be set in the default parameter of Web gateway/CSP gateway management
By Mihoko Iijima
Cookbook for preparing your own assistant for meetings
By Alexey Nechaev
InterSystems IRIS trainings
By Sylvain Guilbaud
Create JSON Objects and Arrays by SQL
By Robert Cemper
Listing Production Item connections recursively
By Eduard Lebedyuk
Fun with IntegratedML Time Series
By Luis Angel Pérez Ramos
The Security Package - Managing Resources Programatically
By David Hockenbroch
How to save and restore images in an object using Base64 strings
By Megumi Kakechi
#Open Exchange
#Developer Community Official
#InterSystems IRIS for Health
#InterSystems IRIS
[Video] Stepping Out of the Shadows: How the US VA Migrated to Mirroring, InterSystems IRIS & the Cloud
By Anastasia Dyubaylo
[Video] Embedded Python Use Cases From Open Exchange
By Anastasia Dyubaylo
Exercises to Improve your SQL
By Brenna Quirk
InterSystems IRIS Point Releases Explained
By Jeff Fried
[Video] Best Practices for InterSystems IRIS System Performance in the Cloud
By Anastasia Dyubaylo
Sep. 18, 2023 – Alert: Failed login handling and OAuth2 client errors
By Fabiano Sanches
The 1st InterSystems Japan Technical Writing Contest!
By Mihoko Iijima
InterSystems announces its first preview, as part of the developer preview program for the 2023.3 release.
By Fabiano Sanches
Deprecation of InterSystems IRIS NLP, formerly known as iKnow
By Benjamin De Boe
[On-Demand Webinar] Developing an AI Powered IRIS Application, in Python
By Anastasia Dyubaylo
Red Hat Insights alerts now available for InterSystems IRIS
By Bob Kuszewski
[Video] InterSystems Cloud Services - InterSystems IRIS SQL & IntegratedML
By Anastasia Dyubaylo
#Developer Community Official
#InterSystems IRIS for Health
#Open Exchange
#Job Opportunity
#Learning Portal
#Global Masters
#IRIS contest
#InterSystems IRIS
how to use http authentication with IRIS SOAP service ?
By Hao Ma
Embedded Python vs. WebTerminal
By Robert Cemper
Troubles restoring a backup
By Flávio Lúcio Naves Júnior
VSCode interop
By Marcel den Ouden
LDAP Authentication Help
By Scott Roth
How to mirror DB between two VMs using APIs?
By Adam Raszkiewicz
How can I tell if (and how many) rollbacks have happened on a system
By David Loveluck
Does mirroring support journal restore?
By lw lw
Inconsistent Visual Trace Outputs
By Pietro Di Leo
Question about ISCAgent Config
By Scott Roth
How can i get Data type of column from resultset
By Gautam Rishi
Using an enum in the entity class not creating the table via Quarkus
By Parameshwaran Muthaiyan
How to do a SQL query on a multilevel global and display each level in the same table ?
By Sylvain Guilbaud
Is it possible to dynamically adjust the FailureTimeout of a Business Operation?
By Pietro Di Leo
Notification of Mirror Failure
By David Hockenbroch
How would one convert a PDF to an image using Ensemble/IRIS
By Gilberto Alves
Scoping OID / OREF map
By Timothy Leavitt
PHP8 with ODBC connection to InterSystems IRIS returning NULL for fields VARCHAR(30000)
By Katrina E Rodenhaus
Fixing IRIS "service did not start due to a logon failure" Error
By Hannah Sullivan
How to get Segment values in SQL query editor
By Padmaja Konduru
Routine names and UDL file names - case issues
By Robert Barbiaux
UNION function inside one cube
By Dmitrij Vladimirov
InterSystems Studio and JReport Designer compactibility with Windows 11
By Ramil TK
How to import vR4 packages in my IRIS 2020.1
By Padmaja Konduru
How to get Customized SSL/TLS certificate expiry alerts using ObjectScript
By Padmaja Konduru
IRIS ODBC configuration failure
By Alan Macdonald
Setting a global variable to change global reference
By Ryan Pflughaupt
How to start a new line of text within $$$LOGINFO or $$$TRACE?
By Pietro Di Leo
ObjectscriptQuality for VSCode (v2.5.1) does not work
By Damiano Porrovecchio
How to use SMTP protocol with TLS and SSLConfiguration
By Subramani
Hide histogram in storage definition on persistent class
By Jan Cermak
SQL ObjectSelectMode for Object properties
By Ashok Kumar
SharePoint File Service + Operation
By Ties Voskamp
#InterSystems IRIS for Health
How to convert JSON data to FHIR Object
By Prasanth Annamreddy
Restore all databases via Terminal fails with ""
By Stefan Pichel
Migration of native IRISHealth databases from Windows to Container instance
By Stefan Pichel
A definitive getting started guide for Iris 4 Health and WebGateway using Docker
By John McBride
Query DICOM images of a PAC from Accession Number
By Xavier Gracia Aloy
How to read and write values into Ens.StreamContainer
By Smythe Smythee
[InterSystems IRIS SEVERE ERROR :HSFLIVE] [Utility.Event] ISCLOG: WorkMgr CountWorkers: Found dead job ns=%SYS rtn=%SYS.WorkQueueMgr data=$lb("job","3209241","jobnum",67,"group","Run
By Dmitry Vaysbeyn
Create Production programmatically
By Dmitrii Baranov
InterSystems IRIS Community version max database size
By Brendan Blackford
Service and XUA registries not available in all namespaces in IRIS for Health
By Christopher Kegg
DocDB: Can you find a document based on array contents?
By Jonathan Lent
Mapping error
By Michael Wood
Method (%Net.SMTP).Send returns error # 6167 (Authentication expected but failed.)
By Roger Taylor
How to validate FHIR resource from production?
By Muhammad Waseem
Size limit for Base64Decode
By Marykutty George
Business dispatch name 'HS.FHIRServer.Interop.Service' is not registered to run
By Muhammad Waseem
Enable sub_filter module in the webgateway nginx docker container
By John McBride
QuickStream issues in FHIR Interoperability production
By Ashok Kumar
Oauth2 Callback redirect uri being called twice?
By John McBride
Python OBJECT_DISPATCH error with accompanying error
By Jonathan Lent
ZPM: install vs install -dev
By Dmitrii Baranov
InterSystems Containers web page down
By Luis Angel Pérez Ramos
How To Get 1 Data from List in SQL
By Steven Henry Suhendra
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