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How to exclude folders from VS Code ObjectScript search

I have a VS Code workspace using server-side editing with separate folders for different namespaces on the instance:

	"folders": [
			"name": "SYS",
			"uri": "isfs://server:%SYS/"
			"name": "cls",
			"uri": "isfs://server:USER/?filter=*.cls"

The VS Code search works well to find symbols in ObjectScript files, but it searches across all folders. Is there a way to include or exclude certain folders from the search? I've tried adding some patterns to the "files to exclude" dialog, but none of these seem to work: SYS/**, /SYS/**, %.*, \%.*

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Hi Pravin, 

You can use the syntax ./folderName in the files to include camp from the Search panel. 


This is my workspace

I have 3 folders: 2 on a remote server and one in local.

If I would like to restrict the research only to a remote folder I can type: ./npri_server_fhir:OMR

As shown in the following picture:

Make sure you have followed the procedure outlined at this page (InterSystems ObjectScript extension for VS Code), under Enable proposed APIs, to enable the search across all folders.