· Sep 12, 2023

The Pandora Box that will help you find integration errors

Hello Community!

I want to share with you an interesting solution that will allow you to perform integration testing for your healthcare applications. Let me introduce you to Pandora – a FHIR server testing software designed by Fyrstain, offering cutting-edge solutions for healthcare interoperability testing.


As you know, in the software development process, there are four crucial steps:

  1. development,
  2. test,
  3. pre-production,
  4. production.

Although pre-production testing plays an essential role, the absence of an interoperability solution during the testing phase presents disadvantages for the future of any ecosystem, but in particular e-health. Having to wait an entire year to test the validation of an interoperability framework results in prolonged patching cycles.

This is why the team created Pandora. To enable publishers and hospitals to validate the interoperability of their software. This validation applies not only to national and international specifications, but also to local specifications specific to each organization. This tool is compatible with the most complex digital health environments, enabling comprehensive testing. Users can benefit from the ability to customize test scenarios to reflect real-world situations. The platform will soon be able to test FHIR R4 & R5! This way, healthcare organizations can reduce interoperability risks by using Pandora to validate their systems.

In summary, Pandora is a tool to ensure the quality, security and interoperability of FHIR servers in the digital health domain. We advise you to try it!

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