· Sep 8

Viewing stored images

Hi Guys,

In my Zen page I've a grid with a list of uploaded images and it's working fine when running from the Server where the application resides where I can just click to an image and my code displays the image in a second screen (MSDS.Image.StreamServer.cls) ,


but the problem if running the page from a client machine (internet), I get this annoying extra steps with the file downloaded as .cls then I'll have to click open and choose a program ..etc which is inconvenient for user so how can I fix this?  



here is the call to view the image

<column linkCaption="View" header="ImageLink" link="MSDS.Image.StreamServer.cls?ATTID=#(%query.ID)#&amp;FILENAME=#(%query.FileName)#'" 



Product version: Ensemble 2018.1
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