· Sep 13, 2023

InterSystems at HackMIT 2023

InterSystems team is heading to MIT's largest hackathon this weekend where we will introduce a tech challenge for hackers.
We offer hackers to use IntegratedML or InterSystems Supply Chain Orchestrator in their projects in order to compete for some really cool prizes! 

If you are in Boston and would be interested to be an InterSystems mentor at the event - drop me a line.

UPDATE: We have our amazing winners! Check out these projects: 

First Place – Fluxus Description | GitHub  
Second Place – Carta Description | GitHub
Third Place – Manifest Description | GitHub

Thanks to everyone who took part in InterSystems Challenge!
Don't forget to join our Discord Server to stay in touch and receive notifications on upcoming InterSystems programming contests!


We are looking forward to seeing new creative projects! 
Stay tuned for the winners announcement on September 18.

Learn more about this hackathon at HackMIT official website.

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