· Sep 28

Developer Community Release, September 2023

Payara Platform 201 : New Release Roundup

Welcome to the September'23 Developer Community Release!

We're happy to share with you the latest improvements we've made to the usability of the Developer Community:

📌 Improved search

📌 New filters on the main page

📌 Improved notifications

Let's have a closer look at all these updates.

We've radically improved the search. Now you just need to write your keywords into the search input at the top of the page and hit Enter

And you will see the tags that contain the search phrase (if any), members (if any), and posts. You can filter results to show only tags (if applicable), order by date (Latest posts), or by number of views (Top posts).


We've made two updates to the main page regarding the filtering of the posts.

First, you can choose to see:

  • all posts,
  • top posts as proposed by our algorithm,
  • personalized, meaning you can create your own feed based on the tags and people you follow.

Second, if you click on the filter icon on the right, you will see a new filter area. Thus, you can add tags and click Apply and the feed will be filtered for you.


We've improved the notifications, making it easier for people who are active on different regional Communities to follow the updates. Now, no matter on which regional site you're mentioned or if someone commented on your post or replied to your comment, you will see it on the Community where you are right now.

That's it for now! Hope you like our updates!

See you next time 🤗

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