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· Sep 18

Sep. 18, 2023 – Alert: Failed login handling and OAuth2 client errors

InterSystems has corrected two defects regarding connectivity. These defects and their corrections are independent of each other.

This alert addresses them both because there are point releases containing both corrections.

Both defects only impact versions 2019.1.4 and 2020.1.4 of:

  • InterSystems IRIS®
  • InterSystems IRIS for Health
  • HealthShare® Health Connect

Neither defect impacts any released version of HealthShare Unified Care Record®, Information Exchange, Health Insight, Patient Index, Provider Directory, Care Community, Personal Community, or Healthcare Action Engine.

The first defect causes failed login attempts to hang for 60 seconds before returning. The correction reduces this to two seconds and provides a better notification message. The correction is identified as DP-421918.

The second defect causes a <PROTECT> error in OAuth2 clients configured on an InterSystems IRIS instance in /csp/sys/oauth2/OAuth2.JWTServer.cls. The correction is identified as DP-418534.

InterSystems has replaced the original distributions with point releases to make these corrections available on an expedited basis. The relevant version identifiers are:

 Original posting  Point Release
 2019.1.4.755.0  2019.1.4.756.1
 2020.1.4.536.0  2020.1.4.538.1

The corrections are also available via Ad hoc distribution. 

If you have any questions regarding this alert, please contact the Worldwide Response Center.

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