· Sep 3, 2023

A definitive getting started guide for Iris 4 Health and WebGateway using Docker

Hi All,

Been trying to setup a iris 4 health community version along with a webgateway bothing utilizing docker. The documentation seems a little sparse when it comes to configuring each of these to work together, especially when it comes to utilizing the Webgateway to front end the MGMT pages for Irirs 4 Health.

I know there is a github repo that has a docker compose file, but that doesn't see to provide a light on what needs to be configured in order for it to work.

I know that the community version still includes a PWS but as a developer, I'd like to mock a production environment as closely as I can while doing develepoment.

Is there a guide anywhere that provides a list of steps to get a docker instance if I4H working with a docker instance of a web gateway?

Any help would be appreciated. 

Product version: IRIS 2023.2
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