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· Sep 28, 2023

Red Hat Insights alerts now available for InterSystems IRIS

Red Hat Insights alerts now available for InterSystems IRIS

InterSystems and Red Hat are working together to add IRIS-specific alerts to Red Hat Insights. 

Red Hat Insights is a service to predict and recommend remediations for system risks in Red Hat Enterprise Linux environments.  Insights is free with nearly every RHEL, OpenShift, or Ansible subscription.  You can learn more about Insights at Red Hat’s site.

Swappiness Recommendation

The first recommendation “Apply swappiness recommendation for better performance of InterSystems IRIS” has been activated. 

This recommendation checks the system memory and, if swap is used at a level above what we recommend, sends our recommendation for the ideal level of swappiness. Swappiness really only comes into play when under memory pressure.  File buffer cache can be as large as it can fit in memory.  Linux will only push out buffer cache when it needs to free pages for computation pages, so we recommend keeping swappiness at a low level.

Upcoming Recommendations

Red Hat is currently working on Insights recommendations for:

  • Huge Pages settings
  • Upgrading old installations
  • Shmmax
  • … and more

If you have suggestions for further Red Hat Insights alerts for IRIS, please contact your account team or reach out to me directly.

If you have questions or problems with Red Hat Insights, please contact Red Hat support.

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