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Hello @Padmaja Konduru 

The certificate and private key is configured for the your SSL/TLS connection.  You can try  executing the below code to get some certificates of the certificate

I have attached my sample "test" SSL/TLS which is included the sample certificate and private key (x509)

Call the SSLDetails method with your SSL name. This method will return an local array with some basic details like expire date , subject and so on.  SSL configuration name was taken from the   System > Security Management > SSL/TLS Configurations 

/// Call this method with your ssl name
ClassMethod SSLDetails(SSLName As %String = "") As %Status
	new $namespace
	set $namespace="%SYS"
	set ssl=##class(Security.SSLConfigs).%OpenId("test")
	set privateKeyFile = ssl.CertificateFile
	set file = ##class(%FileCharacterStream).%New()
	do file.LinkToFile(privateKeyFile)
	set str=file.Read($$$MaxLocalLength)
	do ..certificateDetails(str,.fields)
	zw fields
	return $$$OK

ClassMethod certificateDetails(str As %String, ByRef fields)
	#;getting some basic  details
	for field="SerialNumber","Issuer","ValidityNotAfter","ValidityNotBefore","Subject","SubjectKeyIdentifier" {
		set fields(field) = $SYSTEM.Encryption.X509GetField(str,field)


verify the local array fields("ValidityNotAfter") value for the expired date

IRISMYDEV>do ##class(Sample.NewClass1).SSLDetails("test")
fields("ValidityNotAfter")="2023-09-21 06:13:50"
fields("ValidityNotBefore")="2023-09-20 06:13:50"