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I"m assuming you're talking about HL7 here ...

InterSystems does a bit of magic in the background to display the Message Body fields in the message viewer, and it's not immediately available to you. However, I've written a custom SQL function that fetches the field at the supplied path (you'll need supply the path as its defined by the Schema/DocType of the message).


SELECT TOP 100 head.ID As ID,
        {fn RIGHT(%EXTERNAL(head.TimeCreated),999 )} As TimeCreated,
        head.SessionId As Session,
        head.Status As Status,
        head.SourceConfigName As Source,
        head.TargetConfigName As Target,
        HICG.GetMsg(head.MessageBodyId,'MSH:9') As MessageType
        %IGNOREINDEX Ens.MessageHeader.SessionId Ens.MessageHeader head
        head.SessionId = head.%ID
        AND head.MessageBodyClassname = 'EnsLib.HL7.Message'
        AND head.SourceConfigName = 'SourceBusinessHostName'
        head.ID Desc

You can download the class here: http://www.hl7spy.com/downloads/HICG_HL7.xml