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New application iris-size-django on OpenExchange

Why to use it

This app offers an easy interface to analyze storage:

  • Filter by database (namespace), global name, used size, or allocated size;
  • View a sum of the used and allocated sizes for the filters applied;
  • Export the table to JSON, CSV, or XML.


How to use it

Follow the instructions on the README file from the GitHub repository, and configure the settings to connect to your instance.


How to adapt it to your needs

Since it was built with Python and Django, you can easily add specific analysis methods in the api/ and use the views on to display them.

Also, if you want to save the analyzed data in a local instance but analyze an external one, you can set the file to the local, one and use iris.connect("host:port/NAMESPACE", "username", "password") on api/ to the external instance.


More information

You can check my article series A portal to manage storage made with Django for a complete walkthrough of the development process of this application.

Also, feel free to contact me!

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