· Sep 14, 2023

InterSystems IRIS Point Releases Explained

From time to time InterSystems must respin a release to correct 1-2 issues. This process generates new kits called "Point Releases".

A Point Release is distinct from maintenance or feature releases.  Its objective is to correct an urgent issue in the field quickly and surgically.  

How to identify a point release

InterSystems Data Platform products follow this release convention:

<INTERSYSTEMS PRODUCT>  <Year>.<Major>.<Maintenance>.<Bulid #>.<Point>

E.g.: InterSystems IRIS 2022.

It's simple to identify a point release: if the last digit of your product kit is non-zero, you're using a Point Release. 

How do I know if I should replace my current software?

Every time a Point Release is introduced, InterSystems announces it to our customers and explains the issues it addresses.  Announcements are done through our Developer Community (, and via Product Alerts.

Each announcement will explain the issues the release addresses and the corresponding fixes, and provides instructions on whether to replace your kits and containers. So - read the announcement and reach out to us if you have any questions!

NOTE: If you're not receiving product alert emails, access our page and sign up for it:

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