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METHOD DOES NOT EXIST during unittest attempts

as i'm trying to develop a operation and its methods (SQL adapter), I'm running into issues when i run my test class. 
I have the class i want to test in the very same folder as my test class. 
I followed the tutorial in the documentation. 
When i run the test class, i get the following message error : 

LogStateStatus:0::ERREUR #5002: Erreur Cache: <METHOD DOES NOT EXIST>zTestAdd+1^unitTests.testMyClass.1 *myMethod,Package.BO.MyClass  

Here is my test class (heavily inspired bythe documentation :-) :

Class unitTests.testSqlInscription Extends %UnitTest.TestCase

Method TestMyMethod()
 do $$$AssertEquals(##class(unitTests.sqlInscription).getIdByEmail(2013569),1953642, "Test MyMethod()=1953642")

Here is a overview of the class and the method i'm testing (modified for confidentiality reasons) :

Include EnsSQLTypes


Class unitTests.sqlInscription Extends Ens.BusinessOperation

Parameter ADAPTER = "Custom.SQL.OutboundAdapter";
Property Adapter As Custom.SQL.OutboundAdapter;
Parameter INVOCATION = "Queue";

Method getIdByEmail(pRequest As Package.Msg.myMethodRequest, Output pResponse As Package.Msg.myMethodResponse) As %Status
        set tStatus = $$$OK
            s pResponse = ##class(Package.Msg.myMethodResponse).%New()
            s sqlGetid = " SELECT TOP 1 id FROM [database].Table WHERE email = ? "
            $$$ThrowOnError(..Adapter.ExecuteQuery(.tResult, sqlGetid  , pRequest.someProperty))
            set id = ""
            if (tResult.Next())
                set id = tResult.Get("column_id") // id being the column in the database
            s pResponse.myOutput = idTiers
        catch exp{
            Set tStatus = exp.AsStatus()
        Quit tStatus

The execution of teh test is done properly (UnitTestRoot is configured correctly, the test class seemed to be found and executed, but the method i'm rtying to test cannot be located for some reason) 
I can't make sense of it at all, any help is much appreciated. 
Thank you

Product version: Ensemble 2018.1
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Your method is declared with "Method getIdByEmail(...". The "Method" keyword marks it as an instance method, which would need a class instance to access. Your unit test calls "##class(unitTests.sqlInscription).getIdByEmail(...", which is the syntax for calling a class method. You can declare your method with the "ClassMethod" keyword: "ClassMethod getIdByEmail(..." or you can instantiate your unitTests.sqlInscription class. 

So I instantiated the class but it didn't work either
terminal :

unitTests.testSqlAgateInscription begins ...

TestMyMethod() begins ...

LogStateStatus:0:TestMyMethod:ERREUR #5002: Erreur Cache: <INVALID OREF>zTestMyMethod+4^unitTests.testSqlInscription.1 <<==== **FAILED**


TestMyMethod failed

unitTests.testSqlInscription failed

unitTests failed

The code looks like that :


Class unitTests.testSqlInscription Extends %UnitTest.TestCase


Method TestMyMethod()


 set myObject = ##class(Package.BO.sqlInscription).%New()

 set myRequest = ##class(Package.Msg.getSomeDataFromDataBaseRequest).%New()

 set myRequest.somePropertyaboutEmail = ""

 do $$$AssertEquals(myObject.getSomeDataFromDataBase(myRequest),1953642, "Test MyMethod()=1953642")


I'm really out of ideas here to set up a basic unit test. Any hint is much welcome. 
Please and thank you.