· Sep 22

Javascript in Methods or class methods

Hi Guys,

I've this client method in my Zen page which looks good and compile fine:

I first tried calling  this clientmethod in %DrawHTML() like : var res=zenPage.getNewPrinters(); but for some reason didn't work not sure why I even tried simplifying my clientMethod with simple code like just showing alert but still this call didn't work

So now I'm  trying copying the code of my clientmethod to %DrawHTML()  but I'm getting a compilation error not sure why everything is the same so why is this code is raising a compalation error when placed between &js<> and working fine in my clientMethod?

I actually tried copying this code to other classMethods placing it insode &js<> and still get the same compilation problem, I'm starting to this that this type of javascript syntax in not compliant in &js<> !?


so what I'm doing wrong? 


Product version: Ensemble 2018.1
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