· Sep 3, 2023

Migration of native IRISHealth databases from Windows to Container instance

I did not find any answer in the documentation and in the posts here to check if it also possible to migrate all databases from a native installed IRISHealth on Windows to my Community Edition in the container? Maybe anybody had tried this and can give me a hint.

If I try to import the backup file with all databases (that I created on Windows with the Management Portal, and copied into the container) and set /usr/irissys/mgr as top-level directory for import during "Do ^DBREST", I get the error
"The target database has a block size of which does not match the blocksize of the database in the backup (8192)."

If instead I copy the pure file content from c:\CacheSys\MGR directly into /usr/irissys/mgr of the container the instance is broken.
What is the preferred way to migrate from Windows into an IRISHealth in Docker container?

Product version: IRIS 2023.2
$ZV: IRIS for UNIX (Ubuntu Server LTS for x86-64 Containers) 2023.2 (Build 227U)
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never tried but worked with a lot of copy between versions and architectures (think that this isn't different).

The first error is from the restore, you are trying to restore a db on an existing one with different block size (8k vs 16k may be). Try to restore to a new database and this will be solved.

The other problem that you are facingis that replacing the mgr will result in a broken instance.
With the restore and also by copying the databases (more or less is the same thing), I would NEVER restore the default databases :

IRISLOCALDATA <-- probably could be replaced
IRISAUDIT <-- probably could be replaced

I'd say that if you can shut down both instances you can simply copy the iris.dat files in place from windows to container. This way you won't lose time in doing backup / restore

Keep in mind that every configuration done needs to be synced on the container (users, privileges, web applications, roles, namespaces,....).