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Main dish of the Global Summit 2024

Hello Community!

The past two days at the InterSystems Global Summit have been nothing short of extraordinary, and I'm thrilled to share the highlights of this incredible experience with you!

From the early hours, @Anastasia Dyubaylo and me welcomed our friends from the Community at our booth

which became a bustling hub of activity.

@Guillaume Rongier, Luc Chatty, @Raj Singh, @Dmitry Maslennikov, @Olga Zavrazhnova, Lucian Rotar, @Thomas Dyar, @Irène Mykhailova

@Claudio Devecchi, @Anastasia Dyubaylo, @Irène Mykhailova, @Daniel Franco

@Olga Zavrazhnova, @Dean Andrews@Anastasia Dyubaylo

We were delighted to welcome developers from all corners, eager to exchange ideas and explore the latest innovations.

@Jennifer Hack, @Jochen Deubner 

@Irène Mykhailova, @Guillaume Rongier, Luc Chatty, @Adeline Icard  

The conversations were lively, ideas flowed freely, and the positive energy around our booth was infectious.

@David Reche, @Dmitry Maslennikov, @Rochael Ribeiro, @Anastasia Dyubaylo, @Olga Zavrazhnova, @Irène Mykhailova, @Eduard Lebedyuk  

Each interaction enriched our community and strengthened our bonds.

@Stephen Morrison, @Raj Singh, @Irène Mykhailova

The sessions over the past two days have been a phenomenal success, filled with inspiring presentations and passionate discussions. One of the highlights of the day was the fascinating session dedicated to using Python, led by one of our brilliant moderators @Guillaume Rongier.

Another of our talented moderators, @Dmitry Maslennikov, was the presenter of a highly anticipated session on "InterSystems IRIS Vector Search and the Python Ecosystem".

After a busy day of inspiring sessions and discussions, we had the chance to relax and have fun at the Smithsonian National Museum of American History.

The evening was livened up by a fantastic performance by the group Integrity Check, who ignited the atmosphere with their catchy music.

As the Summit drew to a close, it was time for heartfelt goodbyes.

@Olga Zavrazhnova (Global Masters), @Vita Tsareva (Caelestinus), @Dean Andrews (head of the Developers Relations team), @Anastasia Dyubaylo (Developer Community), @Irène Mykhailova (Developer Community)

With the sessions concluded, everyone gathered for final exchanges and farewells. The goodbyes were filled with promises to reunite at the next Summit. Smiles, hugs, and warm conversations marked the end of this event, highlighting the success of the Summit and the strength of our community.

The past two days at the InterSystems Global Summit have been a perfect blend of learning, sharing, and camaraderie. We all leave this Summit enriched by the encounters and exchanges, with unforgettable memories and plenty of ideas for the future.

Thank you to everyone who participated and contributed to making this Summit an exceptional experience. Stay connected, and see you at the next Summit for even more discoveries and innovations!

Safe travels and see you soon!

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The summit was absolutely fantastic! Making new connections and catching up with old friends and colleagues was so wonderful 🤗

The keynotes and sessions were insightful, and I learned so much from the range of topics covered. It was great to see so many professionals together sharing their expertise and experiences.

A big thank you to the organizers for putting together such a special event. Looking forward to the next one!