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How to perform specific actions when starting an InterSystems product

InterSystems FAQ rubric

If you want to run an OS executable file, command, or a program created within an InterSystems product when the InterSystems product starts, write the processing in the SYSTEM^%ZSTART routine. (The %ZSTART routine is created in the %SYS namespace).

Before you write any code in SYSTEM^%ZSTART, make sure that it works properly under all conditions.

If the ^%ZSTART routine is written incorrectly, or if it is written correctly but the command does not return a response or an error occurs during processing, InterSystems products may not be able to start.

For more information, please refer to the following document.

About writing %ZSTART and %ZSTOP routines [IRIS]
About writing %ZSTART and %ZSTOP routines

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