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Business Rule Editor Changes

Have a question about the new Rule Editor within 2024.1... How are you able to edit the Target, it shows greyed out and when I click on the field it does not allow me to edit the field.

I would like to understand before I give my team a presentation tomorrow about if we should upgrade or not. Thanks

$ZV: IRIS for UNIX (Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 for x86-64) 2024.1 (Build 264_1U) Thu Apr 4 2024 14:54:11 EDT
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And here is the code if you are using a Installer manifest 😉 Helps us while working with containers.

  <Namespace Name="${NamespaceSub}" Code="${NamespaceSub}_CODE" Data="${NamespaceSub}_DATA" Create="yes" Ensemble="1">
    <Invoke Class="HBT.Util.WebApp" Method="DisableNewRuleEditor" CheckStatus="1"></Invoke>
Class HBT.Util.WebApp

ClassMethod DisableNewRuleEditor() As %Status
        #Dim tSC As %Status
        #Dim tSE As %Exception.StatusException
        Try {
            Zn "%SYS"
            &SQL(UPDATE Security.Applications SET Enabled = 0 WHERE ID = '/ui/interop/rule-editor') 
            Set tSC = $$$OK
        } Catch tSE {
            Set tSC = tSE.AsStatus()
        Quit tSC


Other issues that we have noticed are..

  • Textual Search through Ctrl-F (Browser) no longer works.
  • Search within Rule Editor does not highlight or take you to the code you are searching for.
  • It is very difficult to Add any Rules, Expressions, Code, etc.. within the Application
  • In Expression boxes, can’t copy/paste from other rules.
  • In Send Command, it is very difficult to add the target.
    • Not allowed to type, paste, and type ahead search does not work.
    • Even highlighting the Target with your mouse does not automatically add it to the Target.
    • Its automatically putting a “,” before the Target, even if you click the check box next to the Target.
    • Can’t type ahead or paste translation within Translation Expression. You must scroll through the entire list; we have a lot of translations we have to now search through.

I have sent this feedback to InterSystems.

We just took an upgrade (to 2023.1.4) and are assembling our own issues with the Business Rule Editor to report to Intersystems before we revert back to the old version. 

Some problems we have found so far in addition to what Scott has already reported:

  1. Another wrinkle with the "send" action:  You cannot edit it manually. This is a problem when the GUI forces you to make choices that are incorrect for your logic  - such as its forced ordering of "chained" transform names (multiple DTLs in one "send") in alphabetical order rather than the order they actually need to be in. 
  2. Constraints are also no longer manually editable, which is inconvenient when you have a long list of message types (e.g. ADTs).
  3. Rules are no longer numbered, and there is a lot more whitespace. This, with the added problem of the commands appearing at the bottom (and Scott's already reported issue with not being able to Ctrl+F)  makes it difficult to analyze, navigate and program the rule.
  4. Autocompletion of the HL7 fields no longer works. --> HL7.{ 
  5. There is no longer a "Save As" button . You can accomplish this by using Edit, but it's obfuscated.
  6. There is longer a "search" box in the "Open" dialog, forcing you to click through all the package levels. Additionally, there are no longer alternate (more efficient) "view" options.
  7. Pop-ups are no longer resizable
  8. Breadcrumbs (back to Interoperability etc) are no longer available at the top of the page.
  9. The URL still at times reflects a different namespace/rule than is shown on the page. It's thus difficult to be certain one is saving the rule in the expected location. (i.e. It seems it doesn't update the URL for the current component, if you have changed component from within the editor using the open/new buttons.)