· Jun 9

Key Questions of the Month: May 2024

Hi Community,

It's time for the new batch of #KeyQuestions from the previous month.

How Essential Questions Drive Purposeful Learning

Here are the Key Questions of May chosen by InterSystems Experts within all Communities:

📌 Modification d'un objet dynamique provenant d'un JSON by @Julia Pertin (FR)

📌 Difference between %KillExtent and %DeleteExtent by @Meenakshi Muthu (EN)

📌 Is there a way to do an override of a %ALL Global Mapping? by @Ben Spead (EN)

These questions will be highlighted with the #Key Question tag, and their authors will get the Key Question badge on Global Masters (when it's back).

If you find the key question(s) from other communities interesting, just drop us a line in the comments and we will translate the question(s) and the accepted answer(s).

Congrats, and thank you all for your interesting questions. Keep them coming!

See you next month😉

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