· Jun 18

Queries on Listing fields and its filter

Hi Community,

I seek your assistance for below scenario.

Scenario-1: How to add filter or where clause while displaying data with listing fields ( I have not used Custom SQL listing to display this data).

For below table, I have created a Cube Student and I have created listing fields of the columns mentioned in the table. Also I have created the pivot and  I am able to create the same table as shown below.

Now in another pivot, if I want to display all same detail with Student marks greater than 82. How to do that. Basically I want to know how to apply filter when using listing fields in a cube.  (I also checked this can be done by using Custom SQL listing and adding my SQL query there but in that case, my scenario-2 is not working.


Apart from this table, I also want to place a filter on Student Name (like shown below) so that end user can filter the student name based on data shown in table.

I am not able to provide the correct source to this filter because if I add source as Student Name (Dimension of Cube) to this filter, it will take all the Student names whereas I only want to display only these five name in this filter because data is shown for 5 students only.

Student Name Filter

Please assist!

Thanks in advance !!

Product version: IRIS 2022.1
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