· Jun 6

Seeking Exam Design Feedback for InterSystems ObjectScript Specialist Certification Exam

Hello Everyone,

The Certification Team of InterSystems Learning Services is developing an InterSystems ObjectScript Specialist certification exam, and we are reaching out to our community for feedback that will help us evaluate and establish the contents of this exam.  Please note that this is one of two exams being developed to replace our InterSystems IRIS Core Solutions Developer exam. You can find more details about our InterSystems IRIS Developer Professional exam here.

How do I provide my input? Complete our Job Task Analysis (JTA) survey! We will present you with a list of job tasks, and you will rate them on their importance as well as other factors.

How much effort is involved? It takes about 20-30 minutes to fill out the survey. You can be anonymous or identify yourself and ask us to get back to you.

How can I access the survey? You can access it here

  • Survey does not work well on mobile devices - you can access it, but it will involve a lot of scrolling
  • Survey can be resumable if you return to it on the same device in the same browser - answers save with the Save/Next button
  • Survey will close on July 15, 2024

What’s in it for me? You get to weigh-in on the exam topics for our new exam, and as a token of our appreciation, all participants will be entered into a raffle for a $50 Tango gift card, Global Masters points, and potentially other swag. Note: Tango gift cards are only available for US-based participants. InterSystems and VA employees are not eligible.

Here are the exam title and the definition of the target role:

InterSystems ObjectScript Specialist

An IT professional who is familiar with object-oriented programming concepts and:

  • creates InterSystems IRIS classes,
  • writes and reviews InterSystems ObjectScript and SQL code, and
  • uses both objects and SQL for data access.

At least six months to one year of experience with the tasks listed above is recommended. 

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