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InterSystems Developer Ecosystem Spring News 2024

Hello and welcome to the Developer Ecosystem Spring News!

This spring was full of online and offline activities in the InterSystems Developer Ecosystem. In case you missed something, we've prepared for you a selection of the hottest news and topics to catch up on!


💡 InterSystems Ideas News #12 and #13

📝 Deprecation: InterSystems Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)

🛑 Alert: SQL Query using “NOT %INLIST” fails to return results

🛑 Apr. 8, 2024 – Alert: Upgrades fail for HealthShare® Health Connect instances not licensed for HL7® FHIR®

 Mar.19, 2024 - Advisory: AIX Memory Leak

 May 30, 2024 – Advisory: License Enforcement Changes – REST and SOAP

📝 InterSystems IRIS & IRIS for Health 2024.2 Developer preview update

📝 Windows upgrade removes Studio in 2024.2

📝 InterSystems Platforms Update Q2-2024

😭 The Global Masters Program will be temporarily PAUSED from April 26th

Contests & Events

Code Golf

⏯️ [Webinar in Hebrew] Maximize Your Success with InterSystems Support

⏯️ [Webinar in Hebrew] Introducing InterSystems Cloud Services

⏯️ [Webinar in Spanish] SMART on FHIR, extending the capabilities of HealthShare

🧑‍🤝‍🧑 InterSystems Developer Community Roundtable - March 5, 2024

🧑‍🤝‍🧑 InterSystems Developer Community Roundtable - March 26, 2024

🧑‍🤝‍🧑 InterSystems Online Developer Roundtable - April 25, 2024

🤝 Developer Meetup in Boston, March 27

🤝 Developer Meetup in Boston, April 24

👨‍💻 [Hackathon] InterSystems at MIT GrandHack 2024

👥 [Conference] J On The Beach

🚰 [Water Cooler Talk] Is ChatGPT effective in providing ObjectScript guide?

✍ The 3rd edition of the InterSystems Technical Article Contest in Spanish

Latest Releases

⬇️ InterSystems announces General Availability of InterSystems IRIS 2024.1

⬇️ InterSystems announces InterSystems IRIS 2024., includes support for Ubuntu 24.04

⬇️ InterSystems announces General Availability of InterSystems IRIS for Health, and HealthShare Health Connect 2024.1

⬇️ InterSystems IRIS, IRIS for Health, & HealthShare Health Connect 2024.1 developer previews
⬇️ InterSystems IRIS, IRIS for Health, & HealthShare Health Connect 2024.2 developer previews

Best Practices & Key Questions

❓ Key Questions of Winter 2023/2024: March, April, May

People and Companies to Know About 

🌟 Global Masters of Winter 2023/2024: March, April

👨‍💻 Celebrating a True Pillar of the Developer Community: A Journey of Dedication and Expertise

Job Opportunities

💼 HealthShare & IRIS Expertise wanted - Swiss based job opportunity

💼 Contract Job Opportunities?

💼 IRIS Engineer

💼 InterSystems Developer Job opportunity at Virtusa

💼 Software Engineer- IRIS

💼 Intersystems - Cache Objects Health Share Application Developer

💼 IRIS Developer/Support engineer opportunity

💼 InterSystems HealthShare Developer

And more

❗ How to showcase your Credly Badges

❗ How to manage subscriptions on InterSystems Ideas


Here is our take on the most interesting and important things! 

What were your highlights from this past season? Share them in the comments section and let's remember the fun we've had!

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