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JavaScript in Zen pages

Hi Guys,

This is more of a Javascript question but just in case would have an idea.

basically I'm calling the below JavaScript function from a classMethod to add Options to an html  <Select> tag (Dropdown) and after adding all options I would like to set a specific value or index to be selected, its working and actually the required option is selected but not showing as selected in the dropdown box.

For testing purposes I've set option 4 to be selected by default as example and it's not showing as selected in required dropdown (green)   


but if I click on the dropdown box option 4 is selected, so its like I need to refresh the dropdown or something  I've tried something like ctl.refresh() and ctl.reload() and didn't work



function addOptions(id)
{ var res=#server(..SetComponents(id))#
var ctl document.getElementById('Component');
var dt=res.split('|')
var vals=dt[0].split('^')
var display=dt[1].split('^')
 for (var i=1; i<vals.length; i++)
  var opt document.createElement('option');
      opt.value vals[i];
      opt.innerHTML =display[i]
      if (i==3)
 }      ctl.options.selectedIndex=3; }




Product version: Ensemble 2018.1
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