· Jun 25

How can i see the request size in kilobytes/megabytes?

I need to be able to take the size of the request from a given %CSP.request

however it seems the best the docs suggest is to get the length of characters in  the request (using $order and Get, Count)...
this is not good enough for what I need to do, Any suggestions?
I scanned the docs and couldn't find anything.

Product version: Caché 2018.1
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Thx for the replay, 
1. the problem with checking the header is that it can be toyed with, if someone changes header to say 1kb and sends 4mbs i will check header and let it pass...

I will check about 2 and 3, thx!

EDIT: checked about 2 - something like size property doesn't exist, the maximum you can do with a request is iterate through all the data inside and get its total *length of characters* which is still far from the request size in mbs