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Where are the ODBC Driver for IRIS 2024.1 for Community Edition Users?

Hi all! 

How can I get the ODBC drivers for IRIS 2024.1 if I am only using IRIS 2024.1 Community Edition? 

This page gives you the information: "The official location for customers to download the latest released and fully supported InterSystems IRIS driver packages is the WRC download site." My first thought on this is: Why does Intersystems make it so difficult for users to use their database? Why is the ‘official’ driver package hidden behind a login wall? Shouldn't Intersystems be happy if someone wants to work with their database, wants to connect?

Any Way: Community Edition users are directed to this github repo. Unfortunately, you can only find an ODBC driver for IRIS 2023.1... Is the package compatible and works with 2024.1? I don't know. Is the driver forward compatible?

Does anyone have any experience of this? Has anyone tried connecting IRIS 2024.1 with the ODBC 2023.1 driver package?
Thanks for your help!


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I've tried it on Windows 11. With your information I've searched again and found (my) problem now! First: Thanks for that! 

What was the problem?  
I've installed IRIS using the custom option and selected to install ALL items on the hard disk. Then I cannot find the odbc driver dll in the following folder:

All the other drivers are there: dotnet, java and so on.

Now I've tried a client installation on a fresh Windows... the folders are still empty. BUT the ODBC Data Source Administrator shows the 2024.1 IRIS ODBC driver! 
Again: The CLIENT install works!

The files are located here:

The puzzle is solved. Thanks to all of you!