· Jun 12

Trouble running healthshare_unifiedcarerecord_insight_patientindex containers

Im trying to run a local instance of the UCR/Patient Index in a container but its giving me an error. 

Here is my docker compose file:

version: "3.2"

    platform: linux/amd64
    command: --key /dur/key/iris.key
      # 1972 is the superserver default port
      - "9091:1972"
      # 52773 is the webserver/management portal port
      - "9092:52773"
      # 52773 is the JDBC Gateway port
      - "9093:52773"
      - ./data:/dur

      - ISC_DATA_DIRECTORY=/dur/iris_conf.d
      - ISC_CPF_MERGE_FILE=/dur/merge/merge.cpf

it gives me an error - 

[+] Running 1/0
 ✔ Container iris-iris-1  Created                                                                                                                                                     0.0s
Attaching to iris-1

iris-1  | [INFO] Executing command /home/irisowner/irissys/ 2188...
iris-1  | [INFO] Writing status to file: /home/irisowner/irissys/iscagent.status
iris-1  | Reading configuration from file: /home/irisowner/irissys/iscagent.conf
iris-1  | ISCAgent[67]: Starting
iris-1  | ISCAgent[73]: Starting ApplicationServer on *:2188
iris-1  | [INFO] ...executed command /home/irisowner/irissys/ 2188
iris-1  | [INFO] Copying InterSystems IRIS license key from /dur/key/iris.key to /usr/irissys/mgr...
iris-1  | [INFO] ...copied key
iris-1  | [INFO] Starting InterSystems IRIS instance IRIS...
iris-1  | [ERROR] iris: instance 'IRIS' not found
iris-1  | [ERROR] Command "iris start IRIS quietly" exited with status 256
iris-1  | [ERROR] See the above messages or /dur/iris_conf.d/mgr/messages.log for more information
iris-1  | [FATAL] Error starting InterSystems IRIS
iris-1 exited with code 1

Any thoughts on what might be going on - do i need to run a separate iris instance before i run healthshare?

Product version: IRIS 2023.2
$ZV: healthshare_unifiedcarerecord_insight_patientindex:2023.2
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I am having the same problem.  I can't find much help online about using these healthshare images.  Based on the message that IRIS is not found and since there don't seem to be any published ports I wonder if it needs to be configured using environment variables to start a different instance name?  Some sort of quick tutorial would be helpful.

@Addy Naik, your request caught my attention last week, and even if I don't usually interact with the HealthShare container images, I was curious on the "iris: instance 'IRIS' not found" error:
why would "IRIS" not be there in the first place?

Well, it actually makes sense, once you know that the default name for an HS installation isn't "IRIS, but something "HS*" related:

in the case of the "healthshare_unifiedcarerecord_insight_patientindex" image, the default name is "HSUCR""

As such, the "solution" to get your "docker compose" to complete requires to specify a custom instance name with the option --instance "HSUCR" 

But, the actual answer that you are looking for is probably a much more complex deployment scenario for HS UCR, and on that front I can only point you to the matching documentation:

"Preparing to Deploy a Unified Care Record Instance"

We seem to also have a quite complete example on GitHub:


Hopefully this points you in the correct direction

For completeness, there is an existing Community article detailing a good debugging approach:
"Debugging a crashing container"