· Jun 4

Business process terminating

Hi ,

I receive xml as incoming request , I convert that into HL7 in my business process class as below

Set tSC = $CLASSMETHOD("myDTL","Transform", .pRequest,.dtlRes)

then , I am sending the dtlRes which is a HL7 message to a router "TEST_ROUTER" 

in the router , I am checking for HL7.{MSH:9.2} , where I am getting below error :

Terminating BP TEST_ROUTER # due to error: ERROR <Ens>ErrException: <PROPERTY DOES NOT EXIST>zevaluateRuleDefinition+15^TEST.SampleRule.1 *HL7,EnsLib.MsgRouter.RoutingEngine -- logged as '-' number - @' set tTempVars("test")=(pContext.HL7.GetValueAt("MSH:9.2"))'

below is my rule settings 

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