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InterSystems Ideas News #14

Hi Developers!

Welcome to the 14th edition of the InterSystems Ideas news!! This time, you can read about the following:

​​​​✓ Hints & Tips for the participants of the 3rd InterSystems Ideas Contest

✓ Brand new Ideas Portal landing page

✓ Recently implemented ideas


 After only 10 days, we already have 14 accepted ideas. We thank all Community members who posted their ideas for the Contest. Special thanks to the @Victoria Castillo for posting 4 brilliant ideas! 👏

Make a difference by posting ideas focused on solving real-world problems. Share your creativity with all Community Members and InterSystems team!

Some other ideas were posted during the Contest period but were not accepted because they:

  • contained AI generated text
  • were the same as the existing ideas on the Portal
  • were related to the InterSystems TrakCare product
  • were too general and non-specific 

Please read the requirements for ideas in the Ideas Contest announcement carefully to ensure your idea is accepted.

If you are new to the Ideas Portal, you can read "Ideas promotion rules" on the Portal Guide page and an article dedicated to the creation of new ideas.

We hope these hints will help you post your ideas for the Ideas Contest. 

 The Ideas Portal landing page was launched recently. If you are new to the Ideas Portal, please look at it to understand the logic of how this resource works and find useful links. If you are an experienced ideas author, please share your feedback on how we can improve it.

To round up this newsletter, please find below the ideas implemented during the second quarter of 2024.

Idea Implementation of the idea (project)  Developer
Assert CodeAssist prompting by @Alex Woodhead  starting from InterSystems IRIS 2023.3.0 InterSystems
Introduce WITH into IRIS SQL engine by @Evgeny Shvarov starting from InterSystems IRIS 2024.1 InterSystems
Implement support for FHIRPath Patch resources on InterSystems FHIR Server by @Maksym Shcherban  see InterSystems FHIR Server documentation InterSystems
Reference architectures for VIPs on SDNs in GCP by @Eduard Lebedyuk VIP in GCP
@Mikhail Khomenko 
​​​​@Eduard Lebedyuk
InterSystems EF Core Provider by @Evgeny Shvarov    InterSystems

👏 Many thanks to the implementors and authors of these ideas👏

💡Post your ideas till the 30th of June to participate in the 3rd InterSystems Ideas Contest, vote and comment on ideas participating in the Contest! 💡

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