Henrique Dias · Oct 21, 2021 2m read

Visual Trace and the freedom of choice

Hey community, how are you doing?

How do you exercise your creativity? How do you test new ideas?

Over the years I have always thought about creating new things, modifying existing ones, experimenting, testing, breaking (it always happens), building again, starting over.

The contests promoted by InterSystems are an excellent source of motivation, obviously, the prizes bring a lot of attention and this you cannot deny. But not just prizes/rewards, they also give us a creative challenge, an opportunity to create, reimagine, test, experiment. And the beauty of it all is that you are free to do whatever you want!

I see these opportunities as a chance to create my own What if...? (That series where Marvel makes the authors free to re-imagine as stories at will) and I've been lucky to have an author who embraces these ideas with me laugh Thanks @José Roberto Pereira 

In the last Interoperability contest, I created the Message Viewer and in this current Interoperability contest I bring the Message Viewer again, but this time with our own Visual Trace!

Anyone who already works with InterSystems technology and knows the integration part (Ensemble / Interoperability), knows that Visual Trace has been there for a long time, in that same way, and there is no problem in it.

It works, displays the sequence diagram of your message, shows the details, brings the information, XML, etc. But... just because it works, can't I re-imagine? Trying to bring a new perspective and maybe encourage a little change?

Steve Rogers is there as an example, Captain America, one of Marvel's main characters and they still re-imagined, created, tested Peggy Carter as Captain 😂

So let's talk a little bit about our new "Peggy Carter", I mean, Visual Trace! 

Our good old Visual Trace is represented below:

Now, imagine having a thousand of messages here and you can't resend a simple message easily?!

You would have to go back to the Message Viewer screen, dig through, search and resend your message.

That's why, we thought about showing that it is possible, bringing information with a new look, offering a simple functionality and I believe it can help and make life a little easier for the developer.


If you liked the app and think we deserve your vote, please vote for IRIS Message Viewer! 

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Henrique, I love your work because technically it's clean, always up to date and it brings a fresh wind.
With a creativity and skill everything is possible.
Congratulations to both of you (Henrique and José).

Thank you so much for your kind words @Guillaume Rongier 

You made my day with your comment laugh

I'm a big fan of your work because, in my humble opinion, we share the same vision when we decide to create an app, offering the community a different perspective on old problems.


Great tool!

Does it work on large sessions?

Thank you very much @Eduard Lebedyuk 

I believe so, but it depends on how large the session is that you have in mind. We can work together to build this scenario (large sessions) and make adjustments in our UI/UX to achieve better results.

I believe so, but it depends on how large the session is that you have in mind

Interoperability Visual Trace starts slowing down on sessions above 100 000 messages, and considerably slows down on 300  000 messages per session.

I'm interested in a tool that would allow me to see these large sessions graphically, currently I work with them via SQL.

awesome tool and excellent article!!!

Thank you my friend @Henry Pereira

I'll be waiting for you in the next contest! hehehe Let's compete against each other again laugh