Oliver Wilms · Jul 28, 2020
Enterprise Message Bank


I work with IRIS for Health 2020.1 and I attempted to set up Enterprise Systems to populate Message Bank. I see entries in Message Bank Event Log from the defined Enterprise Systems.  I can browse Messages going back before I set up Enterprise Systems using Enterprise Message Viewer. However, I find no messages in Message Bank Viewer. Do I need anything extra to archive messages?

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Ian Minshall · Feb 1, 2019
Message Bank Usage


Has anyone implemented the message bank functionality in particular in the UK and if so what are your experiences of it in particular for custom messages? We are thinking of using it as our long term store and would like any feedback on it. We use a mix of REST web services, custom messages, HL7v2 and FHIR messaging within the Health area (NHS Trust to be exact).

I would also be interested in which version you implemented this upon.



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Hello all,

I am new to Ensemble and Caché and was wondering if anyone can help provide example code of implementing the OnBankMSG() in the helper class? I need all Hl7 messages to be stored in the message bank viewer but cannot figure out how to do this in the OnBankMSG(). Also, my message bank and services are working just fine because I am receiving all event logs for the monitored productions. 

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