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Many thanks for sharing this Ron as it ultimately solved my issue w/ apache httpd.

I poured over the documentation several times convinced I was crazy/missing something obvious but never saw this particular nugget.

Any additional guidance from InterSystems on updating documentation or identifying why this is needed?

As I mentioned to Bob in ISC Discord chat, I'm in the midst of writing a tech article on podman w/ SAM - there are a few tricks to know even beyond the container download issue you may have. Sorry for the delay on the article - switched companies in the last week or two and my ISC Developer Community account is in transition!

For that download issue, if you can grab the containers its after on another machine and upload to /tmp or wherever, podman lets you specify a local folder to source them from - podman import is the command to look at - so podman has a copy and when compose is ran, as long as the tags match it'll pull em right in!

Edit: doc reference for podman-import:

Agree with this approach, I was typing it up as well. Don't believe you're really seeing a request timeout and its masking the real issue.

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