Hey Community,

Do you want to get help, discuss an interesting feature, make an announcement or share your knowledge? In this post, we will tell you how to do it all.

To make it easier to navigate this "how to" just follow the contents:

General guidelines

To begin, you need to click on the "New post" button in the top menu of the Developer Community site:

After that, you will see the editor that will give you the choice of creating a Question, an Announcement, an Article, or a Discussion. Different types of posts have their own sets of mandatory and optional fields.

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· Jul 20, 2023 1m read
How to track your activity on DC

Hey Developers,

If you wish to know how you're doing in the Community and see your stats, you don't need to scroll through all your posts in your profile (though it is also possible). You can use the Online Analytics Dashboard. In it you can see your own detailed statistics for the current week, month, and all time, including:

  • number of views, likes, comments, followers
  • timeline graphics of views, likes, actions with your posts, comments
  • a table containing info about views, comments, and likes for your every post

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      Hello Community,

      Some of you have passed the InterSystems Official Certification and would like to get a nifty green tick on your profile avatar

      and all your certificates in your DC profile so that others know that you know... you know what we mean

      So, to add certification to your DC profile, you need to take 3 easy steps:

      1️⃣ Go to your DC profile

      2️⃣ Go to the InterSystems Certification section

      3️⃣ Click on the Load my certification(s) button

      and that's it!

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      You know several languages and wish to share your knowledge with users in different parts of the world who don't speak English?

      Now it's your time to shine! 🤩

      With our Developer Community, it is easy to link your original article and its translation in a different language (or even ask for a translation).

      So let's talk about creating your own translation:

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      Hi Community,

      Some of you would like to share an event (online or offline) with others on our Community and here is a how-to on how to actually create an Event to invite your fellow members.

      The main challenge when creating an event is to fill in all the necessary pieces of information in the right places. So let's look at what needs to be done.

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      Hey Community!

      There are occasions when you really need to get in touch with a member of our Community a.k.a. author of a post or developer of a particular project, to discuss something, catch up, or whatever. And exactly for this reason, we have Direct Messages where you can send a message directly to a specific person or even have a group chat!

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      When posts are displayed on the DC homepage they only show the first part of each post. This part is known as the teaser, or the trimmed version. The DC software does its best, but without being given any hint by you it can sometimes produce teasers that are of limited value, e.g. "Hi!"

      When composing your post, the Preview button lets you see what the teaser will look like. For example, here's the preview of an initial version of this post:

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      Hey everyone,

      Need to change your PRIMARY email address (login email) and not lose all your activity on the Developer Ecosystem resources: Community, Global Masters, and Open Exchange?

      It's easy! We will take care!

      1️⃣ We will correctly transfer all your information from the old DC account to the new one.

      All your posts, comments, mentions, likes, etc. will be saved on the new account.

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      Hi Community,

      If you wish to share with others your solution/tool and/or your company services which are connected to our products, we will be happy to organize a webinar for you to promote it. We will organize your webinar without any fuss on your side, you just need to tell us what you want to talk about and when you want to do it.

      From its side, InterSystems team will:

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      Hey Developers,

      You may have already seen the article about creating a post on the Developer Community where you can find general info about creating posts. Still, we've decided that adding a post that focuses solely on the questions can be beneficial. So let's concentrate on how to pose questions.

      First of all, let's talk about giving a post a good title. Choosing a good title for a question is essential to attract the right audience and increase the likelihood of getting helpful answers. Here are some tips to help you craft an effective title:

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      · Oct 19, 2018 1m read
      How to Insert an Image into a Post


      You can insert an image in a post with via three ways:

      1. Upload it from disk

      Drag-n-drop image from your disk to a post and adjust the width after that.

      2. Copy and paste from clipboard

      Copy the image to a clipboard (Ctrl+C) e.g. from another web page or from any text editor and paste it into the post.

      See how it works:

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      as described in How to post an article from Word or Google Docs, you can use the Paste from Word button to paste content you have copied from a Word or Google Docs document into a Developer Community post.

      this worked well for me pasting from Word 10 documents, and retained most (though not all) of my Word formatting. i did have one problem, however, and wanted to pass on my workaround.

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