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How to mention someone in the post

Hello Community!

You may have already encountered mentions of your fellow members in other posts and here is a tutorial on how you can do it yourself.

Mentions allow you to tag a person in your post and at the same time this member of the Community gets notified that (s)he was tagged. To do this, it's not enough to just insert a link to the users profile - in this case the member will not receive the notification. Instead, you need to use the symbol @ and start typing the name of the user you wish to mention.

For example, you start writing "@Sco" and you will see a drop down list with the possibilities:

System will show you all the members who have "sco" in their name in any position.

There may also be a situation when a member has a name different from a username, e.g.:

So if you can't find the member you wish to tag like this, just check out their profile, for example:

While you're there, just click on the username and it will copy it to your clipboard and you just need to insert it into your post.

And that's it. Have fun and use it wisely!

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