· Oct 18, 2023 1m read

More about Groups and Tags on DC

Hi Community!

We have a couple more things to share with you about the workings of the Tags and Groups on the Developer Community.

First of all, if you're curious about where you can find the list of all Tags and Groups, it's in the Menu -> Posts -> Tags

There, you can see all the Groups and a Tag tree with the number of posts in each of them. You can also sort them by popular, name, and creating date.

>> To make it even more interesting, you can even introduce your company's tag on InterSystems Developer Community. How cool is that?! To do this, go to your Global Masters rewards catalogue, scroll down to the Business Services Rewards and exchange 2,000 points for your very own Tag.

Another useful thing to know - you can Follow a Tag or a Group you find useful or related to your work. To do this, open a tag by clicking on it anywhere on the Community and click Follow on the right.

This way, if you open the Personalised feed, you will get all the posts filtered by the groups, tags or authors you follow.

We hope it clarifies even more the usage of Groups and Tags ✌️

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