· Aug 24, 2023

Different ways to connect with us!

Hi Developers,

We know that you're a sharing and caring bunch. Otherwise, you wouldn't be here and reading this 😉 And we'd like to remind you that we have other ways to stay in touch with our latest news, events, hot topics, etc. 

Say hello to our official InterSystems Developer Community Social Media Channels!

✓ Join us on these platforms to stay up-to-date with the latest happenings, discussions, and innovations in the world of InterSystems technology:

 Follow us on Twitter: @InterSystemsDev

Facebook - Wikipedia Like us on Facebook: InterSystems Developer Community page

 Connect on LinkedIn: InterSystems Developer Community

Telegram (software) - Wikipedia Join us on Telegram: @InterSystemsDev

 Dive into discussions on Reddit:  r/intersystems

✓ Don't miss new videos about InterSystems products and services created by InterSystems specialists and by your fellow DC members:

YouTube - YouTube InterSystems Developers YouTube

PS. Remember that you can have your own webinar hosted by InterSystems which will be available on our channel!

✓ Find templates and useful tools. Explore our GitHub Repository:

GitHub Logos and Usage · GitHub InterSystems Developer Community GitHub

PS. If you found issues while on Community or you wish to suggest a new feature, do it in our developer-community project.

✓ Want to talk to other developers in real-time? It's also possible:

Discord's Branding Guidelines InterSystems Developers Discord

You can also find all of these links on the main page:

Join our social media and follow the updates there!

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