· Dec 14, 2021 1m read

How to Change Your Primary Email Address on Developer Ecosystem Resources

Hey everyone,

Need to change your PRIMARY email address (login email) and not lose all your activity on the Developer Ecosystem resources: Community, Global Masters, and Open Exchange?

It's easy! We will take care! 

1️⃣ We will correctly transfer all your information from the old DC account to the new one.

All your posts, comments, mentions, likes, etc. will be saved on the new account.

2️⃣ If you are a member of Global Masters, your level, badges, points, etc. will also be transferred to your new account. 

3️⃣ We will also take care of transferring your applications on Open Exchange.

4️⃣ Also, if you just need to deactivate your old account (and not to transfer your acitivity), we will do it in one click.

Just contact @Irina.Podmazko in Direct Messages on DC or by email:

  • send a link to your old account (-s)
  • send a link to your new account (-s)
  • indicate on which resource(-s) you need to transfer your activity (DC/GM/OEX/all resources)


We will do our best so that you do not feel like you have switched from one account to another! 

Please feel free to contact us. Keep in touch! 

P.s. You can also just add a comment on this post with links to your old and new accounts.

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